A few weeks ago our TNG Real Estate family received great news. The O.C. Business Journal voted us as one of 2018 Best Places to Work in Orange County.  Companies receive the award for a variety of reasons, all of which we appreciate and has us feeling happy. 

We’re especially proud of one particular acknowledgement—of our community outreach efforts. We love to support each of our family members who pay-it-forward in a variety of ways, and some like to volunteer. Others prefer to fundraise. And others advocate awareness for social causes through their social media and other platforms. No matter how they pay-it-forward, the one thing that we all  learned is that giving brings more joy than receiving.

Here are two TNG family members that we’d like to acknowledge for their loving and selfless efforts to make the world a better place.

First, Vincent is TNG’s Marketing Director, and he has a deep compassion for the homeless. He walks among them, talks with them, embraces them, listens to their stories, breaks bread with them, and when asked, prays with them. That simple act of kindness, of recognizing another when they’re feeling down when life is not going their way, fills Vincent joy. And his joy is contagious to everyone in the office. Here’s his story.






Next, Regina is an agent in our Brea office, and she spends many lunchtime hours volunteering at Santa Ana High School’s Club Fish. She understands that high school students struggle to understand the adult world they are entering, and when she simply sharing a slice of hot pizza and kind supportive words, she helps the students build confidence and gain a sense of peace in knowing that all will be okay. Here’s Regina’s story.













There is nothing sweeter than a kind word and a supportive nod, and with that insight we humbly thank the O.C. Business Journal for their acknowledgement. In turn, we thank all who support us and who trust us with their real estate needs. We're here for you.

(Happy Dog Image Source: https://www.naturalinstinct.com/blog/fit-well-trained-dogs-are-happy-dogs)