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Escrow Closing Services, Inc., is committed to providing our clients with professionalism, integrity and personal service. With well over 50 years of combined escrow experience, Escrow Closing Services has the knowledge required to complete your residential, commercial, multi-family unit, short sale and mobile home escrows timely and efficiently while providing you with professionalism, integrity and personal service. We realize each escrow is unique and we promise to provide our customers with the best possible personalized service.

Escrow Closing Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with the most superior customer service and intend on becoming your premier escrow provider.

Please contact our experienced staff anytime

Julie Timmins:  714.854.9344  -  Julie@EscrowClosingServices.com

Shane Magness: 714.854.9344 - shane@escrowclosingservices.com

Teri Boulanger: 714.854.9344 - teri@escrowclosingservices.com

Craig Arslanian: - 714.854.9344 - craig@escrowclosingservices.com

Tracy: - 714.854.9344 - tracy@escrowclosingservices.com

Elizabeth MacIntosh: - 714.854.9344 - elizabeth@escrowclosingservices.com

Charlie Jeon: - 714.854.9344 - charlie@escrowclosingservices.com

Sunny Yi: - 714.854.9344 - sunny@tngrealestate.com

Ginny Vaccarello: 714.854.9344 - ginny@EscrowClosingServices.com

Sean Tracey: 714.606.6292 - sean@EscrowClosingServices.com

NatalieArechiga: - 714.854.9344 - natalie@escrowclosingservices.com services



Charis Loans, Inc. is a Premium Lending Service provider, committed to giving you and your clients skilled, professional mortgage assistance. Even though lending is tougher now, you should still be able to expect to close on time and have someone there to answer your call. At Charis Loans, Inc. you can expect that and:

  • Communication is always the key, you’ll get plenty of it

  • Providing conforming loans, Jumbos, FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgages, and HARP loans

  • Same trusted Charis staff that TNG has known and used for over 5 years

  • 21 day close guarantee

Please contact any of these lending agents for immediate assistance. 

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NHD California is the premier Natural Hazard Disclosure resource. NHD California offers comprehensive reports at great competitive rates. You can obtain more information at: www.nhdcalifornia.com.