TNG Cares

Craig deeply values his solid family foundation, and he wanted that footing instilled into TNG Real Estate’s culture, for he believes strong, connected families can strengthen business and communities.

Then Craig discovered Orange County has the 2nd largest homeless community in the U.S. he felt an acute need to be part of the solution.

In 2013 TNG Cares was born with a focused idea – help homeless women and children who also manage domestic violence issues. In addition, Craig wanted to embrace opportunities that supported recycling, the arts and Veterans.

This is TNG Real Estate’s first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, and it details their mission to create positive relationships with employees, affiliates, and homeowners by equally valuing people, the planet, and profits.


Joyful Mission

On behalf of the homeless women and children we serve, thank you TNG Real Estate for your recent donation of a playground! It has brought lots of giggles and smiles.

~ Colette O’Connell, founder of Colette’s Children’s Home


TNG Cares About Culture

For a Canvas & Cocktails Open House, the TNG Los Alamitos office was completely transformed into an art gallery featuring Rowan Harrison, a local Native American artist who specializes in contemporary pottery plus pen and ink drawing.

The event embraced two elements of Corporate Social Responsibility – people and the planet.


TNG Cares About Diversity

TNG Real Estate is the 3rd fastest growing brokerage in California and it's success is due to their agents, over 700 strong with a combined 20 languages. This ability to effectively communicate enables TNG Real Estate to successfully represent our local communities in southern California.

There are 100 languages spoken in Orange County, and TNG Real Estate agents speak 20 of the top 27.

Homeless Statistics

In Orange County, CA

  • 35,000+ homeless people

  • 1 in 17 children were homeless

  • 10,988 people called for domestic violence assistance

  • A daily average of 111 children were reported as victims of child abuse

In California

  • In just one day, 5,258 victims and their children received domestic violence services

  • CA Law enforcement agencies received 157,634 domestic violence related calls


  • BrightFuture4Kids

  • Dept of Justice

  • CA Partnership to End Domestic Violence

  • CA law Enforcement


TNG Cares About Homelessness

To help homeless women in children in Orange County TNG Real Estate supported the following organizations whose efforts are far reaching.


The Sheepfold

Since opening in 1979 thousands of homeless and abused women with children have found shelter, safe refuge and a new beginning at The Sheepfold. Currently The Sheepfold has five safe houses, which provides a place for their client’s to live, to build a sense of value and to strengthen their self-worth. In turn, The Sheepfold works with their clients to secure employment and an apartment, which creates an independent life.

TNG Real Estate's clothing drive efforts have resulted in 120+ bags of clothing for The Sheepfold.


Collette’s Children’s Home

Opened in 1998 to heal women and children who were homeless, Colette’s Children’s Home has provided more than 2,500 women and children with a safe home and nurturing environment where they obtain compassionate support and services needed to achieve self-sufficiency.

TNG Real Estate created “Operation Swing”, a fundraiser to buy and install a new swing set. In less than two weeks, $2,000 was raised and a swing set was in stalled at a Collette’s Children’s Home in Huntington Beach.


U.S. Vets Advanced Women’s Program

This amazing organization has a comprehensive program designed to meet the unique needs of female veterans, including:

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Work Re-Entry

  • Life Plan for the Disabled

  • Substance Abuse

  • Women with Children

This was TNG Real Estate’s first community partnership, and in 2013 we sponsored a U.S. Vet’s client by teaching her a vital new job skill – real estate Transaction Coordinator, a position within any real estate office. After four months of internship she was hired, and within six months she moved into an apartment, a first for her in 2+ years.


Hope House

During the Christmas holiday, TNG Real Estate distribute a “Gift With A Cause”, and the “Cause” supported Hope House, a home for young girls in the jungles of Ecuador.


TNG Cares About The Environmental

Every year, millions of Americans become victims of identity theft. Many don’t believe it could happen to them – until it’s too late. The cost is overwhelming – billions of dollars in recovery efforts, damages credit ratings and extreme financial and emotional hardship.

To help reduce identity theft while encouraging recycling, in 2013 TNG Real Estate hosted its inaugural FREE on-site paper shred event, benefiting residents and businesses in and around Brea. More than 200 households participated and more than 8,000 pounds of paper were shred.

TNG Real Estate worked with a paper shredding company that was AAA NAID Certified (National Association of Information Destruction), meeting and exceeding the most stringent operational security procedures in the industry. Plus, at the time of service TNG Real Estate received a Certificate of Destruction verifying all documents were destroyed.


TNG annual shred event help to save on average:

  • 68 trees from being cut down

  • 28,000 gallons of water saved

  • 16,000 kilowatts of energy saved

  • 7,687 pounds of solid waste

  • Source: Cintas “Green Award”


Work in Progress

TNG Cares is just beginning, and we realize there is lots to do and lots to learn.

In 2016, our core focus will stay on homelessness, women’s domestic violence issues, recycling and the arts. Some of our efforts will include:

  • Supporting our agents

  • Showcasing local artists

  • e-waste and paper shred events

  • Fundraising for women’s shelters

  • Homeless and domestic violence education